Two fine Betamax videorecorders in offer  and a camcorder in Video 8.
Sony C 20E, a standard, classical, frontloading videorecorder and a tv. tuner with a videocomposite output for another recorder or monitor. Tuningsignal for setting a tv.set or a second recorder (also at antenna-out). Twelf stationpresets, also audio-in and -output, video-in and output, camera-remote, timer-record, input select etc. With perfect heads, machine is clean and undamaged. Size (b/h/d) 43x11x36 cm., weight 10 Kg., colour silver, screensystem PAL. With owners manual and diagrams.

This set was used only for copying tapes. Perfect for someone
who wants to replay old tapes or to copy tapes to DVD.
From first owner, fully documentated, now € 150,-
Sanyo VHR-1300EX, een gewone VHS videorecorder, eveneens frontloading. Ingebouwd een tv.tuner met een videocomposietuitgang voor een andere videorecorder of een monitor. Heeft ook een aparte schakeling voor een testsignal, uiteraard ook over de antenneuitgang. Verder, uitgebreide automatische functies, 32 zenderpresets, maar ook audio-in en -uitgang (tulp), video-in en -uitgang (BNC), camera-ingang, timer, timer rec., inputselect etc.
Met afstandbediening.

De machine werd ook gebruikt voor het (incidenteel) kopieren van banden, maar dan naar VHS. Perfect voor iemand die oude banden nog een keer wil spelen of wil kopieren naar DVD.
Sanyo VHR-1300EX, perfecte koppen, de machine is schoon en onbeschadigd. Afmetingen: (b/h/d) 43x10x37 cm., gewicht 8 kg., kleur bruin/zwart, PAL. Met afstandsbediening en owners manual.

Van eerste eigenaar, geheel gedokumenteerd, nu € 140,-
Puntgave Sanyo VHR-1300EX, VHS videorecorder
NEC PVC-766E, rare to find a new, completely unused videorecorder from the wellknown brand NEC.
Here it is! A Betamax frontloader. With, of course, a tv.tuner with a videocomposite output for another recorder or a monitor. Has a testsignal (also at the antenna-out).
Some automatic features, many stationpresets, but also audio-in and -output (tulip), video -in and -output (BNC), timerrecord, inputselect, etc. Chassis is molded aluminium (very stable) prints are modulair placed.
And this means a solid machine. Sony, the inventor from Betamax, is not less in quality, but this NEC is a little better. It runs all inside a like a silent sawingmachine. Good for years of pleasure, that's why he costs somewhat more.
More than perfect heads, inside clean, undamaged, unused. Size: (b/h/d) 43x15x35 cm., colour beigegray, screensystem PAL.

NEW, now €  250,-
NEW NEC PVC-766E, Betamax videorecorder
A unused brandnew Betamax videorecorder for a fine and great videojob!
Sony videocamera/recorder CCD-V100E PRO, a pro-model from the many times sold smaller Betamax model, the Video 8. And as always: a camera with too many features to call. Direkt take-up at cassette, to a standalone recorder with a line-adaptor, or both. This line-adaptor also has an antenna-output. Brightness, colour, whitebalans, motorzoom 6x, hand- and autofocus, viewfinder, date, time and title, remotecontrol, tallylight, statue- and shoulderbottom etc. See the pictures from the ownersmanual (included). The CCD is spotless. The build-in Video 8 recorder is separate useable for take-up and replay with two speeds.
Fine heads. Separate wallsupply and carbattery.
Batteries are still available.
Sony videocamera/recorder,
model CCD-V100E PRO
Sony videocamera/recorder CCD-V100E PRO, as seen at his less "complicated" side. The operating features are at the lefthand side (just near the face of the operator), as seen on the pictures aside. For this camera one should work to know him. Size (b/h/d) 98x186x374 mm., weight 2,3 Kg. Has been used for videoregistrations by the owner himself. Undamaged, system PAL.

From first owner, with ownersmanual, now € 150,-
By the way: all sets are in good conditions, otherwise they are not sold (not even here).
By the way: all sets are in good conditions, otherwise they are not sold (not even here).