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Tandberg series 15, quick operating taperecorder, in flightcase!
Autostop, 2 heads, 3 speeds and quickly ready to take-up.
Here you see the background from the machine: the settings for an adequate take-up. From left to right: two turnknobs for the tone of the sound out, the VU meter, beneeth this meter two ringknobs to tune the level for microphone and/or the line in, then the take-up switch, and the buss-in for the microphone. The take-up switch also operates the amplifier only. Righthand down a little switch for pause. Line in and -out buss on the backside, as the headphone.
With the combined potmeters for microphone and line you can fine set the level for a mix AND you can hear that mix by the headphone or the loudspeaker.
The recorder has been used for audible purpose only. There is a manufacturers extra head for free head purposes (tape-slide codes), this head has been disconnected. However, it can be undone.
As simpel as can be (or as quick as can be): the taperunhandle has an operatingfunction in four directions. From the center: up is "brakes loose", down (foto) is "taperun ready" (unlock the pausebutton),
lefthand is "tapewinding to left" and righthand is "tapewinding to right". You will never, and I mean NEVER, be mistaken by uncertain commands what the machine ought to do. Each command explains itself. You want intuitivity? Here it is.
Photo's: actual status 2005
...commands in four directions...
From the wellknown Scandinavian manufacturer Tandberg: the series 15.
Plug-in the wall for power, thread-in a tape, plug-in an audiosource, set powerswitch on and simultaniously run take-up and starthandle: the recorder is taking-up. Make the level right, the output audible (or not), or plug a headphone in. That's all, ready to run in a flightcase!

The Tandberg does it by two heads, three speeds (19, 9,5 en 4,75 cm./sec.) with autostop, microphone in, line in (mix), analog VU meter. Microphone and line in are variabel, loudspeaker-output is switchable, tone has treble and bass. The taperun handle has a quadruple function, also the brakes loose for editing, so there is no way for mistakes.

Reelsize max 18 cm., line output via extra buffer (no load for it's electronics),
the flightcase with an extra hole for cables and a tunnel for the speaker on front. Wallpower 220 V., 50 Hz., weigth approx. 8 Kg.
Pure intuitivity...